Project Description

Revamping Existing Website

Scope of Work
This is the initial estimate on scope of work to revamp existing website (wikawaterheater.com).

  1. The Platform:
    • Website Wika Water Heater
    • CMS (Content Management System) / Dashboard web based for Administrator
  2. This system is used for:
    • Marketing team, agent, distributor, and consumers as users
    • Management as administrator
    • Landing page for SEO, SEM, GDN & social media activity

Social Media Campaign

Channel Strategy

  1. Facebook
    • Drive mass awarness of the brand key messages ( Brand, Campaign, events…), always through paid reach
  2. Instagram
    • Provide exclusive visual storytelling images around product love and brand social icons

PR Digital

Benefit of PR Digital

  • increase brand exposure instantaneously
  • increased sales potential
  • increased marketing opportunity effectiveness
  • increased traffic to websites
  • new opportunities to reach wider markets
  • quickly distributing content in social media
  • enhancing positive image and brand awareness rapidly, and more.